Is Big Mouth Studios the right studio for my project?

Definitely! Here at BMS we have the most up-to-date equipment and can meet pretty much all of your audio needs. We specialise in recording bands and producing musical artists but please do give us a call to discuss your particular project. We'd love to be involved!


How do you guys work?

Of course, each project is different so this is something we would explain in detail for each individual task. However as a general rule for bands, it is always a good idea for the drums/percussion to be recorded first. This means if your band members have limited time, get the drummer down first! After that we add the remaining instrumental elements like bass, guitar, and keys before working on the vocals. Depending on the project, we can add as much or as little additional production along the way.


How much time do we need for our project?

Again, this is dependant on each specific project and we urge you to talk to us about your project so we can give you a decent estimate. As far as bands go, we always aim to have an entire track recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in a day. However if some elements of a song are particularly complex and time-consuming, we may need two days to reach the standard of quality everyone is happy with.


What do I need to bring to our session?

Please check our equipment page to see exactly what we have here at the studio. Instrument-wise, we have a house drumkit but you will need to bring breakables. We also have a house bass guitar, piano, and electric guitar amp/POD. We advise you to bring everything you normally use just in case, and if you have any weird and wonderful requests, give us a ring first!


What are your payment terms?

We'll send you a quote after we've spoken to you about your aims for the session. Then we'll require payment of 20% before the session starts. Unfortunately if we haven't recieved this payment, we cannot go ahead with the session. The rest of the payment can be done during the session. Once payment has been made in full by the end of the session, you will recieve your material!


How will I recieve my tracks?

However you want them! As a general rule, we'll supply you with a high-quality WAV file for you to use on physical release, as well as an MP3 version of the track for use online. If you wish, we can supply you with un-mastered versions of the tracks if you're planning on using a seperate mastering house.


Can I come check out the studio?

Of course! Just give us a call to arrange a time and you can come and hang out.