At Big Mouth Studios we provide a range of services to cater to an artist's many different needs.


If you want a professional sound achieved quickly, then BMS is the place to come! Collectively, Jason and Adam have worked with a plethora of Signed and Unsigned talent including Wiley (Atlantic), Scorcher (Geffen), Ed Sheeran (Island), Siren Sirens (Warner), Leddra Chapman, Mikill Pane, The Teasers, plus many more! Head over to the Pricing page to see what our current rates are.


Are your mixdowns lacking the vibrancy and polish you desire? Come to Big Mouth Studios, we offer dedicated mixing and mastering services using our professional suite. Our turnaround is very fast and we offer extremely competitive rates. Check our pricing page for info.


If you want to use our facilities yourself, or already have engineers and producers you like, you can hire our space. Check out our equipment list to see exactly what you can work with. If you want to know more exact specifications of our setup, feel free to give us a call.


Big Mouth Studios is kitted out with five (yes, five) cameras, all ready to roll and capture you from every possible angle! We can record live perfomances (with full mic'd up audio running through our desk), film your recording session as a treat to your fans, record interviews/documentaries... you do it and we'll film it!

We also can offer our studio as a video editing suite. We run Final Cut Pro and iMovie, if you're that way inclined. If you're interested in editing video at BMS, give us a call or email and we'll figure something out. If you want to record some live songs, we've got some pricings on our pricings page.


In today's music scene, artists need to explore every possible angle to progress and get noticed by the people who count. Increasingly, live performances are becoming more difficult as venues are becoming fewer and farther between, and fans are less prepared to head out to gigs. Try something different: host an online gig from Big Mouth Studios that streams live, direct to your fans' homes! Give us a call or drop us an email and we can discuss your options!